What’s it like to be a disaster support volunteer for the Red Cross in a country like Tonga or Myanmar? The Red Cross Journey is an interactive online platform that allows you to choose one of two journeys to follow and help the Red Cross at the same time.

The Red Cross says: “Put your students’ energy to a good cause. They can step up and get active as we head into winter – and do their bit to help vulnerable people both at home and overseas.
Join Red Cross Journey and choose to follow either the journey of a former refugee fleeing to safety, or one of our disaster support volunteers as they train and respond to emergencies around New Zealand. Walk or run laps around the school field to cover the distance and learn about the challenges, fears and joys along the way. And by fundraising over the month, students will be joining the Red Cross family of good people doing good things, helping people in your community and around the world.”
WHEN: 8 May – 8 June 2017
WHERE: Wherever it suits the students – walking or running around the school field, the cross country route, PE sessions, sports trainings and games…all can count towards the distance.
HOW: Registrations open online 20 April 2017. Register your class as a team. Then, from 8 May, start counting the steps or recording the distance and have fun fundraising. And how about challenging another class or school to add to the fun?!

Download the PDF flyer for schools