Volunteering for a change – chatting advocacy with Isabella Leniham-Ikin

An interview with Isabella Lenihan-Ikin

What volunteering have you done as part of the Victoria University of Wellington Feminist Law Society?

I am the vice president of the VUW Feminist Law Society, which is a voluntary role in of itself. The organisation is an advocacy and campaigning organisation, based out of the Law School. We hope to create an alternative social space for like-minded people, including those who don’t necessarily feel included in Law School culture, by hosting speaker events, catch-ups, fundraising events and advocacy pathways.

What has been the best part about volunteering for the VUWFLS?

One of the highlights for me this year is that I was involved in setting up a VUWFLS team which participated in ‘Run for Help’ for  Wellington Sexual Abuse Help Foundation. Through several fundraising channels, we raised just under $3000, which goes towards funding essential counselling for survivors of sexual abuse and their whānau.

What made you want to volunteer for VUWFLS?

I think what makes me want to volunteer is the desire to work for organisations, like VUWFLS, that are challenging structural oppression. The law profession (including law school) is an exclusive environment, and we have to work hard, to not only make the law more accessible, but also the profession that supports it.

Any future volunteering aspirations?

Volunteering, and being involved in grassroots organisations has been a feature of my life for a long time (since I was in primary school, so close to 20 years ago!!). I don’t have any specific volunteering aspirations, but I definitely want to continue being involved in community organisations, in a voluntary capacity.