Ordinary students doing extraordinary acts – Sophie Simons

Victoria House students are heavily involved in Student Volunteer Week this year. With a hall motto of, “friendship, community, success,” Victoria House embodies exactly what students volunteering is.

Each floor on their hall chose a specific organization to fundraise and volunteer for. The organisations vary from the Christchurch Victims Fund, Life Matters Suicide Prevention Trust, Youthline/Lifeline and SPCA. I met with Kalea from yellow floor who is helping to fundraise for the SPCA fund. Their floor made bundles to raffle off for the cause and sharing a givealittle page with the purpose of helping the SPCA cope with demand. The idea to fundraise for the SPCA came from their RA’s personal connection with volunteering for the SPCA and out of their collective obsession for cats. Kalea spoke of the short time that was given to arrange and organise the volunteering pursuits but of the huge passion and effort that went into the fundraiser. She further helped to give a picture of the hundreds of dollars that has been donated to their pursuits.